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Bewegungstheater, Bühnenpräsenz, Chor, Chorworkshop, Felix Powroslo, Interpretation, Konzertinszenierung, Pop-Chor, Sänger*innen, Songinterpretation, Workshop

“Let’s get physical” – Choir meets Physical Theatre

Let’s re-unite what was once combined. Let’s mash up elements of physical theatre and choir singing, start to improvise and have some fun. Adding techniques of physical theatre to choir singing opens the way to a much more holistic experience of singing, and induces a very strong stage intensity. The experienced concert director and performer Felix Powroslo leads through his favorite exercises and techniques, and explains the secrets of stage intensity and Stage Resonance®. A workshop for everybody interested in experimenting with body and voice, individually as well as in a group – subtle and quietly, chaotic and powerful, from „sacred” to “animalistic”.

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